Only The Word of Life

Devotion from Martin Chemnitz (1522-1586)

Can anyone, as some think, be saved in his religion and faith, without the Word of God, but having formed a good intention?

By no means. For God says only of His Word that it is the Word of life…[and] the Word of salvation…[that] saves our souls.

But Scripture declares of all other sects, conceived beyond, outside of, or contrary to the Word of God, that they are without Christ, outside the promises of the covenant, having no hope, and without God in the world…And flesh and blood does not reveal this Christ, bu the Father in the Word and through the Word…

Where is that Word of God to be looked for, and whence is it to be sought? Are new and special inspirations and revelations to e expected?

At one time God revealed His Word by various ways and means. For sometimes, appearing Himself to the holy fathers, He spoke in their presence, sometimes through prophets inspired ad moved by His Spirit; finally He spoke to mankind through His Son and the apostles…But He gave us neither command nor promise to expect that kind of inspirations or revelations. Yet for the sake of posterity He saw to it that this Word of His, first revealed by preaching and confirmed by subsequent miracles, was later put into writing by faithful witnesses. And to that very same Word, comprehended in the prophetic and apostolic writings, He bound His church, so that whenever we want to know or show that a teaching is God’s Word, this should be our axiom: Thus it is written; thus Scripture speaks and testifies.

Martin Chemnitz (1522-1586)