You Are The Apple Of God's Eye

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Here is the audio of both the sermon and service held on July 14, 2019. We are a member congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). The sermon is by our Pastor - the Rev. Jeffrey Pautz.

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In A Little While ...

First, a happy and blessed Mothers’ Day to all the moms and grandmas.

This week’s theme is Jesus speaking about His leaving His disciple for a little while (Good Friday) but they will see Him again in a little while. We, too, have sorrow in this sinful world for a little while. This world is fallen. However, for you who believe in Jesus, all your sorrow will be turned into joy. The resurrection is coming.

Jesus Defends His Teaching

Jesus defends His teaching but not His life. Why?

First He says that it is not His teaching but His Father’s teaching. Our Father gave this teaching to Jesus who gives it to us. Jesus will defend His Father and what is given to Him.

Second, Jesus knows He needs to die to save sinners. Jesus will do this when the time is right. Our Father gave Jesus authority not only to teach but to lay down His life and take it up again. Jesus will lay down His life at a time of His choosing.