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Thank you for your prayers and offerings to Our Savior Lutheran Church - LCMS


Sunday, November 12th 9:00am       &       Monday, November 13th at 6:00pm

Divine Service  184       Psalm 14        Hymns  966, 578, 619, 658, 726, 596, 537, 805


08:00am Individual Absolution

09:00am Divine Service

10:30am Sunday School



10:30am Sunnybrook Bible Study

01:00pm  Homebound

04:00pm  Office Hours

06:00pm  Divine Service



09:30am Matins Service - Congregation Invited

10:00am Circuit Meeting at Our Savior until 2:00pm



06:30am Men’s Bible Study

04:00pm Office Hours

09:00am Matins Service

09:30am Women’s Bible Study

06:15pm Jr. High Catechesis



07:00pm LWML Meeting



08:00am Individual Absolution

09:00am Divine Service                         

10:30am Sunday School



 Physical Health +Krystol Martz (Allan & Katie Ball’s granddaughter) ear surgery +Juliette (John & Carolyn Yeater’s great-granddaughter) heart surgery +Isabella Valenzuela (Jerry & Peggy Hart’s granddaughter) bone marrow transplant +John Francis (Mary’s husband) cancer treatment +Irene Meyers (Don’s wife) post surgery


 OUR SAVIOR MUSCATINE hosts the Mt. Pleasant Circuit Meeting this Tuesday.  The congregation is invited to attend the opening Matins Service starting at 09:30am.  Please welcome: Rev. Dt. Chris Hinkle from St. Paul, Wapello, Rev. Chris Roepke from Concordia, Burlington, Rev. Steve Rasmussen of Our Savior, Ft. Madison and Our Savior, Keosaukua, Rev. Mike Scudder of Faith, Mt. Pleasant, Rev. Mark Brase of Immanuel, Fairfield, Rev. James Preus of Trinity, Ottumwa, and Rev. Dan Ognoskie of Zion, Wilton.  Afterwards, the pastors will hold their monthly study of Holy Scriptures.

THE LARGE LWML MITE BOX is positioned as you exit the service today for your dollars and coins.  The LWML appreciates your mites in helping us reach our mite goal!

 THE LWML NOVEMBER MEETING of the LWML will be held at the Muscatine Center of Social Activity (MCSA) on Thursday, November 16th at 7 pm.

 Our meeting will include a tour of the facility that serves the homeless here in Muscatine.  Mary Francis will lead our bible study and Angie Banko will be our hostess.  All ladies of the congregation are invited to attend.  The free will offering from our Soup Advent supper will be given to the center.  Our mission outreach for November is collecting food/paper items for our local food pantry.

 LWML ADVENT SOUP SUPPER A sign-up sheet is posted on the easel in the narthex for Wednesday, December 6th beginning at 5:30 p.m. The freewill donations will be given to the Muscatine Center for Social Action.   Thank you!

 LWML CHRISTMAS BRUNCH The Board of the LWML would like to invite the ladies of the congregation to a Christmas Brunch here at Our Savior on Saturday morning, December 9th beginning at 10 a.m.  A sign-up sheet for those planning to attend is posted on the easel along with a food item sheet showing what is needed if you would like to contribute.   Once the deadline for reservation is past the board will notify you of what will be needed.   Food donations are not required but appreciated if you are able to help in any way.  The bunch will include food, singing, devotion, skit, Christmas mite offering and Christian fellowship.  We hope you are able to come as we prepare for the Birth of the Christ Child in our hearts.   If you have any questions please ask any board member Karen Schaub, President; Becky Ernst, Vice President; Mary Francis, Treasurer and  Angie Banko, Christian Growth.

THANK YOU FOR SERVING                        Next Sunday

Organist           Sandy Koch                         Organist          Lisa Seaba  

Elder Group     Bruce Seaba                        Elder Group    Bob Husband

Acolyte              Zach Stoltzfus                   Acolyte           Kayla Hirschfeld      

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