Weekly Announcements

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(The Last Sunday in Epiphany)

Sunday, January 21st  at 9:00am          &                            Monday, January 22nd at 6:00pm

Service   151      Introit            in bulletin      

Hymns   414,  413,  621,  537,  416,  575,  417,  919




08:00am Individual Absolution   

09:00am Divine Service            

10:30am Sunday School

11:30am Potluck



01:00pm Sunnybrook Bible study    

02:00pm  Homebound Visits         

04:00pm Office Hours     

06:00pm Divine Service

07:00pm Voters’ Meeting



06:30am Men’s Bible Study    

09:00am Matins Service    

09:30am Women’s Bible Study      

04:00pm Office Hours

06:15pm Weekday School

06:30pm Choir Practice



08:00am Individual Absolution   

09:00am Divine Service                         

10:30am Sunday School



+Salem Osland (Darin’s wife) hip surgery +Charlie Bishop (Karen’s dad) hospitalized in St. Louis with the flu +Juliette (John & Carolyn Yeater’s great-granddaughter) heart surgery +Isabella Valenzuela (Jerry & Peggy Hart’s granddaughter) bone marrow transplant +John Francis (Mary’s husband) treatment +Tom Van Hemert  (Liz’s husband) seminary student - contact information is located in the Narthex +Lucille Wingerter - homebound +Marvin (Bud) Plank - homebound.



THE BIG LWML MITE BOX is located as you leave the sanctuary today.  Thank you for supporting LWML mission projects with your mites!

THE GREETER PROGRAM for Our Savior for the 2018 year has been organized and put in membership boxes.  Thank you for your willingness to greet current and new members on your assigned Sunday.  Please take a minute to read over the instructions for being a greeter and your assigned dates which you can add to your calendar at home as a reminder.  Pastor will post in the bulletin each week who the current week’s greeters are and who will be the following Sunday.  The monthly newsletter calendar will also have the list of that months greeters printed.  If you have any questions or would like to greet and are not on this list please contact Karen Schaub.  Thank you!

NEW VISITATION SCHEDULE  After discussing this briefly with the Elders, I will start organizing my visits in coordination with Elder Groups.  For example, this week John Buttke is assisting with communion, so I will focus on the members of John’s group.  However, I will meet with anyone as needs arrive.  My hope is that visits and the care of your souls outside Sunday mornings, will be a little more deliberate.  I will explain this more in the February Newsletter and in Bible studies.  Also, feel free to stop in during scheduled Office Hours as well.  Thank you and God bless you.  Pastor Pautz

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Adult Bible Study collection over the last few years.  A list posted in the entryway shows past recipients and how much they received.  Again, thank you to everyone who contributed.

 WEEKLY UPDATES by email is available.  If you would like your name added or removed, please contact Pastor Pautz and let him know.  Also, updates are available by Liking and Following the church’s Facebook Page at:  https://www.facebook.com/oursaviorlutheranmuscatine/



Organist           Mary Francis   

Elder Group     John Buttke

Acolyte            Zara Stoltzfus 

Flowers             Will Hirschfeld 

Greeters           Allan & Katie Ball