Joy In Suffering

This is a podcast of a sermon on Jesus Calming the Storm. The disciples are in great fear. They are on a boat in the middle of a bad storm. The boat is beginning to break. Where is Jesus? His sleeping in the belly of the boat. The disciples cry out, “Lord, save us. We are perishing.” What happens next leads us to acknowledge a Christian joy that exists even in the midst of fear, and suffering, and even in the face of death. It is called faith in Jesus.

Pastor Pautz

from Out Savior Lutheran Church, Muscatine, IA LCMS

Aeneas Healed & Tabitha Raised

We are studying the Book of Acts at Our Savior Muscatine. Posted here are my notes on Acts 9:31-43. Peter heals Aneas. Peter raises Tabitha from the dead. Peter does not do this himself. Rather, he does it in the name of Jesus. Jesus is trustworthy and is continuing His work even after His resurrection and ascension.

Pastor Pautz

from Our Savior Lutheran Church in Muscatine, Iowa

Your Great Faith

Your Great Faith Jesus is amazed that a Centurion has a faith greater than anyone, even in Israel. It is good to slow down when Jesus is amazed. It is good to listen a little more closely. The Centurion hears Jesus speaking and believes! What is even more amazing than this Centurion is that you have been given a great faith also. You receive it by hearing the Good News in Jesus Christ. You trust Jesus. If not, you might soon.

Pastor Jeff Pautz

from Our Savior Lutheran Church, Muscatine, IA